WEB BY CHERNY A responsive website for High Class Interiors by Cherny, a interior design company that advises and designs the interiors of houses, offices, hotel rooms or restaurants. For both individuals and business.  VISIT WEBSITE Role: web designer First experience with design and website building during my internship at High Class Interiors in 2015. Website […]


WEB DREAMJOB A platform that encourages the user in their daily lives by finding their dream job and stimulate their personal growth.  In this project we created three different touchpoint for this platform. An application, Office on wheels and interactive screen. Role:  Creative concepter & UI designer Working in a team of four designer. My […]


WEB CAAP A responsive website for Coworking Alliance of Asia Pacific, a platform to expand learning and networking opportunities for operators and their teams across the Asia Pacific region. VISIT WEBSITE Role: user interface designer Working in a multidisciplinary team, I was able to design, create and build this website during my internship at Hubud […]